UK’s most influential tweeters – where I rank

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Earlier today, I was named 19th in the Peer Index of the UK’s 100 most influential tweeters. Cool, I think?

Besides the slightly egotistical boost it’s given me ;)  – most might draw upon plenty of positives too. None more so, than the importance of giving the public a voice again – this is why I love it.

That point is particularly crucial at present, whilst authorities and media organisations – supposedly operating with our best intentions in mind – are full of corruption. It’s difficult to know just who we can trust. So, providing the public with an accessible way in which they can strike debate and be heard can only be a good thing.

I’m obviously pleased with my appearance in the index, as you’re probably aware, Twitter is my main source of conversation online and it’s proven a fantastic tool so far. The Hillsborough campaign I was first involved with over two years ago, encapsulates the importance of Twitter at it’s best, for me. We managed to spark an online debate and along with an e-petition, helped families of victims’ involved with the Hillsborough disaster; gain disclosure on events the authorities had hidden for over two decades. This is Twitter at full throttle.

Like most things, Twitter is by no means perfect. I’m plagued with distasteful comments on an hourly basis. I don’t get hung up on this; most times I can chuckle and scroll on.

See you over there,


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Joey Thanks for the shout out. We're excited about the potential of Twitter and how it allows ideas to flow freely. We've got more interesting research in the wings. We'll keep posted.

Azeem Azhar, 

Founder, PeerIndex