A few thoughts on last night’s Question Time…

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There was a fair bit of coverage in the run up to my appearance on last night’s Question Time wasn’t there?  Me and Piers Morgan having a bit of banter with each other on Twitter was a big cause of that, but I think another part of it was because there was someone on the panel from a non party political background. Someone without a PR script to follow. Someone who would just say what they actually think. Obviously, that comes with some pitfalls. I’m not a trained public speaker, and if I’m honest I was more nervous in the minutes before my appearance last night than I was standing in the tunnel at Wembley for the play-off final. So here are three of points of clarification…

Four ugly girls



Those ‘pre-match nerves’ probably account for me getting off to a jittery start, and making that comment about four ugly girls. I’ve apologised for that and people have said what they’ve got to say.

What I was trying to get at was that if the voting public are given a choice of four unappealing possibilities, there is no great victory in being the least unappealing. That is what UKIP are to me. And I see the large share of the votes they received in the European elections was just an attempt by British voters to get those unappealing possibilities to tidy themselves up a little bit. After all only 1 in 10 voted for UKIP. Not as overwhelming as everyone’s claiming.

The Chilcot Inquiry



Tricky one this, and for me it has echoes of the Hillsborough enquiry, but if two world leader’s are going to negotiate the terms for sending British people to their deaths on foreign shores, those conversations should be made available for scrutiny. If we are going to do justice to the dead and the families of the dead, we must have full disclosure – giving us ‘the gist’ isn’t enough.

Piers Morgan is alright



Had a good time with him over dinner. Actually agreed on a fair few things. #tallyho

You can see the whole thing here…


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