Reflecting on my upbringing

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Here’s a short film into my upbringing in Huyton, the challenges I faced and my driven spirit on the pitch. The film is presented in French along with French subtitles, but for those English speakers amongst you, you’ll roughly understand what’s happening!

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alan del
alan del

Joey.......exactly what you are....a JOE!!!


I lost all respect for you after criticizing Brazilian players praying before a game. You go on about you coming from a rough background and have no idea of the extent of the deprivation and violence to which most of the brazilian squad have come from. What gives you the right to comment on other people's way of life?


I am a Queens park Rangers Londoner, born and bred and I really do believe that we have missed your midfield strength in our team this season. I was one of those who always supported you, as like yourself, I have strayed over the line a few times but I'm sorry Joey you strayed too far.


Have you even been to Brazil? have you ever been anywhere outside of your own ego? Once you witness the poverty these people have come from perhaps your fickle simple mind would comprehend a little more about spiritual strength, no matter of what religion or philosophy one is from.


You go on as if your a studied man when in fact you just concentrate at looking at yourself in the mirror.


Nietzsche and Morrissey are probably not too impressed either.


Your shock value criticisms are just creating enemies. Come on Joey....Surely your better than this?


Hope you have read this and apologize to all the people in the world who struggle every day to make ends meet, in which all they have is their faith.


Peace and Love Joey



Hi Joey, I have always enjoyed reading your posts and have always admired you as a person. Despite what you have been through, you are still who you are today without changing because of what some parts of the society think about you. You are equipped with a heart of a true warrior which is hard to find in the human race these days. I am 23 now and I hope to emulate you one day.



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