Mon premier match au Vélodrome

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Ayant finalement joué mon premier match au Vélodrome la semaine dernière contre Limassol, j’ai réfléchi à ce qui fait une grande équipe et la performance personnelle, en même temps que je travaille pour retrouver toutes mes capacités physiques.

Ayant joué pour 70 minutes contre Fenerbahce il y a quelques semaines, j’ai réellement gouté de nouveau au jeu et c’était super de finalement sortir devant nos fans de Marseille, ce qui se terminait par une victoire 5-1 confortable à la fin.

Nous avions été en bas 1-0 après les premières 22 minutes mais les mecs se sont battus durement pour égaliser le score – ca m’a donné satisfaction d’avoir joué une main dans cet étape. N’importe quelle équipe auquel vous faites face dans la Ligue d’Europe est forte, mais c’était un haut jeu di tempo et ils s’appuyaient durement. Heureusement, pour nous, ils ont commencé à se fatiguer et ont essayé de nous frapper sur la pause, qui a juste ouvert le milieu du terrain et nous a permis de jouer.

Gagner 5-1 a été confortable et peut-être cela aurait pu être plus. Je pense que nous montrons la force de notre équipe mais nous n’avons pas encore montré toute notre force car nous avons beaucoup plus à donner.

Pour ma part, c’était génial de réaliser mes premiers 90 minutes depuis le mi-mai. Je n’ai pas été blessé et évidemment ca a été difficile comme je joue pratiquement un pré saison dans un match de la Ligue d’Europe. Mais je suis engagé pour me prouver et montrer aux Français tout de moi-même et du foot anglais.

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Mr Joey Barton, congratulations on scoring your first European goal for Marseille! I bet you meant to score directly from that corner ;)

Kushi Purac
Kushi Purac

My utter and total respect to you sir for doing a french translation of your team related posts..

To some it seems like logical common courtesy and respect but I worked once in a city in north america where the captain of the big sports team couldnt be bothered to learn the language of the locals in the 10-12years he was there. Which to some people didnt seem like a big deal.


Ce n'est qu'un petit geste de respect mais c'est un signe d'une personne qui comprends bien les relations interpersonelles.

Im gradually becoming a fan....


will you consider staying with marseille or is that never going to be an option,seems like a good place to be with champions league football on the cards for next season,good luck anyway


What if he didn't use google translate Yassir ^^?


Anyway, I was following Spain vs France online at work on and the commentator got annoyed at Spain slowing the game to secure their small victory, he wrote that he wished you were on the pitch to end this.

Then I read on another french news website about your post on Armstrong.


So things are slow at work and I decide to browse around your site. And since things are really slow, I end up reading most of your posts.


I must say that I like the fact that you speak your mind as you feel it and I like your story. I'm really glad Marseille signed you up (I'm not a hardcore fan but it's probably my fav team) and I hope you'll have a wonderful time here!


Oh and if you're wondering what is the other french website I was on about, there you go:


Hey Joey,


Please, next time don't translate your text using Google translate (lol), there some expression that we don't use in French.


If you want, I can help translating your text to French (or to correct it for you) and for free.





Fabien H
Fabien H

well i can speak in the name of all the l'OM fans to say that you were the best l'OM player during the first half 

Also i think it's a shame what the daily wrote about you cause you're cleary not involved and that proves that a lot brittish media sales lies to make money , french media do it too especially when it concerns Marseille cause it's the most popular club in France and also cause most of the french media are located in Paris and i was expecting to read some bullsh...t about you but i was surprised to read that they didn't 

i also noticed when i saw you in the tunnel before the game and on the field during the game your natural leadership , also your skills ( long & short passes, pressing, placement, fighting spirit, box to box ...)

so i can't wait to see you in ligue 1 against Bordeaux wich is by the way the only club we haven't won in their stadium for over 40 years 

well your prestation promises us all the best for the future and for sure you are and will be a great help and value for the team 

i also know that you allready are the player that sell the most l'OM's shirt wich confirms that the fans have adopted you and youu deserve it , hoping that you'll stay for more than a year , 

best of luck and thank you for everything so far 

best regards.